Getting a Session Package is a great way to save on money if you enjoy working with me or if you are someone who purchases more than 1 or 2 sessions a month. By purchasing sessions up front, you are able to use these sessions anytime you feel like it.

How do these sessions work?
after purchasing your package, all you have to do is email me whenever you need a session and you can be scheduled on the same day you reached out or within 3 days.(on rare occasions it may be longer than 3 days) these sessions are quicker to get than emergency readings. 

note* package expires after 10 months, you have up to 10 months to use all of your sessions.

These sessions can be used in anyway you’d like. Examples for how you can use your sessions:
•Life Coaching

•Spiritual Counseling

•psychic reading (if you need advice on something personal in your life)
•develop your psychic gifts
•past life reading, aura reading, learn about spirit guides etc 

you can also give a session to a friend as a gift if you’d like.

 There are two packages to pick from (Payments are accepted in PayPal Or Cashapp. Cashapp: $thegoldhippie
*paypal has an option to pay overtime in 4 smaller payments)

6 sessions per package or 10 sessions per package. I offer 30 minute and 1 hour options. 

30 minute packages:

Six 30 minute sessions package:
$486 USD
$365 discount


Ten 30 minute sessions package:
$810 USD
$710 Discount

1 hour packages:

six 1 hour sessions:
$708 USD
$605 Discount

Ten 1 hour sessions:
$1,180 USD
$925 Discount


*all purchases are nonrefundable.