1 month mentorship 

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30 minute 1 month mentorship $320 USD (4 sessions 30 minutes) 

$214.00 USD discount 

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15 minute 1 month mentorship $208 USD (4 sessions 15 minutes)

$115.55 USD  discount 

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*all purchases are non refundable

To contact me for availability, email: readings@goldenvee.com (or click “contact”section on my website) 

if your schedule changes a lot, consider getting a coaching package click here for Coaching Packages

1 month mentorship/intuitive life coaching lasts 4 weeks (1 month) a total of 4 sessions.  I offer a 30 minute and a 15 minute monthly option.

How you can use the time of the mentorship:
Connect once a week for 4 weeks
Or combine the sessions and have two one hour sessions or use the sessions once every 2 weeks. It’s your four sessions, you can pick when you want to use them.

Mentorship can be done on video on Zoom or without video by calling your cell phone, the option is up to you let me know when emailing me if you prefer video call on zoom or no video.

This is a combination of intuitive life coaching and using my psychic abilities to support you.

 scheduling the 1 month mentorship:

Email me which mentorship you would like (30 mins or 15 mins),let me know if you’d like to connect once a week or if you’d like to split your sessions in other ways(such as every 2 weeks or combining the time to make a longer session etc). I’ll send over my availability.

Doing a mentorship/intuitive life coaching is great for someone looking to understand their soul or themselves in a deeper way. we can spend each week talking about your current issues, or each week we can go over a new topic. Such as: learn mediumship, Learn psychic techniques, intuitive business coaching, work on developing your gifts, learn about your spirit guides that are currently with you,  learn about whatever you’d wish to learn, or just chat about your everyday life if you need to vent or need practical intuitive advice each week.  The mentorship is completely up to you and what you want to get out of it, we can always go with the flow.  spirit and I can come up with practical advice for your current situation.