I offer two different mentorships: monthly and a non-monthly mentorship. 

 In a monthly mentorship, we will meet once a week via phone and we will discuss your spiritual awakening, spiritual journey, intuition, or psychic development. A monthly mentorship lasts 4 weeks (1 month).

Getting a mentorship is great for someone looking to understand their soul or themselves in a deeper way. we can discover past lives, work on psychic development and developing your gifts, learn about your spirit guides that are currently with you, mediumship, or just chat about your everyday life and come up with practical solutions.

 With the help of spirit, we can go over certain core issues and patterns that show up in your life and find ways to improve your life in a positive way.

Monthly mentorship can’t be scheduled on the site, you will need to email me first. 

(Want to learn mediumship? Sign up with a mentorship.  Mediumship training is only available through a mentorship)

Non-Monthly Mentorship:

non-monthly mentorship: you can schedule your session Here

if your schedule changes a lot and you may not be available weekly at the same time,the monthly mentorship may not be for you.

you may consider doing the other mentorship option which is where we have one session via zoom or phone and go over anything you want to learn or any guidance you may need.

 (It’s the same thing as a monthly except it’s all at one time during one session) 

(Discounts can’t be applied for mentorships)

monthly mentorship price:

1 month mentorship (30 Minute weekly sessions):

$240.00 USD (four 30 minute sessions would normally be $300) 

 Cashapp: $thegoldhippie

Non Monthly Mentorship prices:

1 hour mentorship:

$121.11 USD

Click here to schedule your session

1 hour and 30 mins mentorship:

182.22 USD

Click here to schedule your session

Cashapp: $thegoldhippie


2 hour mentorship:

240.00 USD

Click here to schedule your session

Sessions can be paid via cashapp Or PayPal. 


 *all purchases are non-refundable