I offer 15, 30, and 45 minute sessions

You can use an emergency session for:
Psychic Reading
Past Life Reading
Spirit Guide Class(45 mins is required for spirit guide class, as we wouldn’t be able to do it in only 15 or 30 mins) *discounts can’t be used for emergency readings

 Let me know which session you would like when emailing me. If you pick a psychic reading, the reading will be in Q&A format, meaning we will start with your specific questions first. 


**your payment secures your time slot. If there is no payment by 30 minutes before your scheduled time , your reading will be cancelled**

emergency readings can be done on video on Zoom or without video by calling your phone instead, it’s your choice.
*Emergency sessions are time slots put aside for those who need sessions as soon as possible. You can receive an emergency reading either on the same day you contacted me or within 4 days depending on my availability*

•email me what kind of reading you want before purchasing & I will send you back available times and dates
click here to send me an email

 if you don’t see a reply within 6-12 hours, check your spam/junk box, sometimes my emails are sent there


**I do not do mediumship for emergency sessions. (Mediumship meaning connecting to deceased relatives or passed on loved ones.)**

*I do not read on pregnancies, health issues, court cases or legal issues due to ethical reasons ** 

readings@goldenvee.com (in rare cases if the link above doesn’t work to send an email, you can copy and paste my email yourself)

Pay with PayPal or Cashapp:

15 minute same day/emergency reading $53.33 USD

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30 minute same day/emergency  reading 

$85.55 USD

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45 minute same day/emergency reading

$108.88 USD

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my reading style: in sessions, I am very direct, humorous,  practical, and down to earth. I don’t sugar coat anything and I am also very outgoing & light hearted when it comes to delivering messages from spirit. As a psychic medium, I tune into the present moment energy, the energy surrounding your current situation. I will tell a client of any future probabilities I see.  Keep in mind, The future is NOT set in stone. Predictions can change over time.  Your free will and choices impacts your future. as always, you are responsible for your own future with the choices you make in the present moment.  My job , with the help of spirit, is to help you manifest the best outcome by telling you what spirit is saying and showing me. As well as help you pick the best option for you given your current energy and current circumstances. 

Terms & Conditions

By law, I must state that Readings by Golden Vee are for spiritual, entertainment, and healing purposes only, therefore are not a substitute for professional advice in the areas of love, finances, career, health, medical, or legal services. If you have any serious medical conditions, issues, or concerns, please seek out professional medical attention for yourself. It’s also advised to seek other financial or therapeutic professional attention for yourself if you are in dire need. Vee is not responsible for any of your life decisions, due to your own free will. All clients must be 18 or over. I DO NOT READ ON COURT CASES, HEALTH ISSUES, PREGNANCIES, OR LEGAL ISSUES for ethical reasons