I offer 15, 30, and 45 minute sessions

*discounts or sales can’t be used for emergency readings

*I do not read on court cases/legal issues or pregnancy

Emergency readings can be scheduled within 1-4 days after reaching out to me, no later than 5 days. 

Email me for available time slots. In the email, let me know which reading you would like (15,30,or 45 min) and if you’d like to do the reading on video on zoom or over the phone (no video)

To pay for a reading, scroll to the bottom of this page (I offer PayPal and Cashapp options)

Emergency sessions are Q&A style, meaning we will start with your questions first. (not a general reading).  *mediumship not included for emergency sessions. To view no show policy: scroll down to bottom of page  

**once we agree on a time & date, please submit payment no later than 2 hours before your session starts, if there is no payment by 2 hours before the session starts, your session will be cancelled and given to someone else on the waiting list**your payment secures your time slot**

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15 minute emergency reading

$53.33 USD


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30 minute emergency reading 

$85.55 USD




45 minute emergency reading
$108.88 USD



No Show Policy: not showing up on time for an appointment on time (applies to both zoom and phone readings) means you forfeited your appointment, no refund, and your appointment will be automatically cancelled afterwards and you would have to book another session again yourself.
To avoid this automatic cancellation: Reschedule yourself online if you know you will be late or contact me before an appointment before it starts if you need to reschedule, otherwise this policy applies. I often have back to back sessions and can’t wait too long if you’re late or else it will interrupt someone else’s appointment

my reading style: in sessions, I am very direct, humorous,  practical, and down to earth. I don’t sugar coat anything and I am also very outgoing & light hearted when it comes to delivering messages from spirit. As a psychic medium, I tune into the present moment energy, the energy surrounding your current situation. I will tell a client of any future probabilities I see.  Keep in mind, The future is NOT set in stone. Predictions can change over time.  Your free will and choices impacts your future. as always, you are responsible for your own future with the choices you make in the present moment.  My job , with the help of spirit, is to help you manifest the best outcome by telling you what spirit is saying and showing me. As well as help you pick the best option for you given your current energy and current circumstances.